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Existential Therapy

  • 1 h

Service Description

Let’s embark together on a journey of deep reflection, self-exploration, challenge and growth, to achieve a more satisfying, self-fulfilling and joyful life. Seeking Counselling is often triggered by a desire to solve a specific issue or address a concerns about something in your life, such as work or relationships. Opening up and talking it over with an open and non-judgemental counsellor can facilitate greater understanding of the issue and motivate change. I combine tools from Adlerian, Cognitive Behavioural and Existentialist-Phenomenological therapy. I believe we are responsible for our choices, and motivated by search for meaning and purpose in our lives. We want to belong and be meaningful and valued by the others. Existential concepts of anxiety, freedom, responsibility, meaning and isolation are an integral part of living an authentic life. Exploring the way we relate to others, our choices, assumptions, values and beliefs, examining conflicts and choices in our lives can facilitate a deeper understanding and enable true free choice and optimal self-fulfilment.

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